TPC Value-Based Infrastructure Helps Community-Based Hospitals Compete

To the patient base they serve, independent and rural hospitals are more than just medical centers. They are cornerstones of smaller communities – not only providing health care services, but also contributing to the local economy. However, with more large, multi-national corporations entering the healthcare space and edging out smaller institutions in terms of market share, these independent organizations are struggling to maximize efficiencies, control costs and stay sustainable as independent hospitals or smaller health systems.

TPC brings together small to mid-size institutions, fostering a membership where numerous community-based hospitals can work collaboratively as a virtual system, allowing Member healthcare providers to compete more effectively with their large conglomerate counterparts while still maintaining their independence and indviduality. Creating an infrastructure that drives value, TPC seeks opportunities in operational spend and performance improvement by providing an avenue for independent hospitals to achieve economies of scale. Further, TPC builds collaborative partnerships with and between Member organizations, from the C-suite to clinicial and departmental directors, allowing leaders from each hospital to interact and guide decision-making, ensuring transparency and commitment to eachother – all while achieving superior value-driven results. 

Learn more about the value of TPC membership by watching this video.

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