TPC Announces the Creation of the Clinical Steering Committee

To strengthen TPC’s efforts to enhance Members’ financial, clinical and operations performance from a virtual system perspective, TPC has established its Clinical Steering Committee (CSC).  

CSC Overview 

TPC’s CSC is comprised of high-level clinical leaders within each Member organization who possess significant clinical influence. They are all individuals who have the ability to identify and pursue best practices, and work collaboratively with fellow physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals to improve patient care while balancing cost-effectiveness. These committee members have the expertise and the authority to recommend and enact change to clinical procedures and protocols.  

As TPC enters more complex clinical projects and as more decisions need to be made that rely on the input of executive leadership, the CSC will add immense value to TPC projects and every Member organization. 

The CSC Strategy 

To launch the CSC, TPC developed a strategy that clearly defines the committee’s vision, role and purpose. Ultimately, the CSC is charged with driving TPC’s comprehensive clinical strategy, and will provide a balance between financial stewardship and clinical acceptability.  

The CSC will be tasked with demonstrating improved, measurable performance, with a focus on:  

  • Identifying variation in clinical protocols, services, supplies, and vendors

  • Identifying, sharing, and implementing best practices in these areas

  • Approving measurements and methodology for clinical performance improvement and variation reduction initiatives

  • Recommending the level of clinical review needed to achieve key projects in the TPC workplan successfully

  • Appointing and engaging the most appropriate clinical Member resources in TPC initiatives

  • Prioritizing clinical initiatives (based on Member need, resources, bandwidth, timing, etc.)

  • Serving as internal Member champions to drive decisions and facilitate crucial conversations that are best handled clinician-to-clinician 

“Developing and empowering the CSC has taken TPC’s commitment to excellence in clinicial strategy and care to the next level. This group of clinicians pools ideas and expertise from across Member organizations for the benefit of all,” stated Pam Bradshaw, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer of Shannon Medical Center and Co-Chair of TPC’s Clinical Steering Committee. 

Member-to-Member Collaboration 

Not only will the CSC serve as a cross-functional team across Member organizations, but it will also collaborate with other TPC Member committees, including the Executive Steering Committee (ESC) and the various Clinical Value Analysis Teams (CVATs). The CSC will provide clinical perspective to financially-driven discussions and decisions typically addressed by the ESC. Further, the CSC will provide support and guidance to the individual CVATs as they identify, evaluate and approve TPC’s clinical initiatives.   

Expanded Priorities for Enhanced Membership Value 

While TPC’s primary performance metric is financial savings for Member organizations, TPC looks to evolve with more clinical strategies and design models, which may also impact hospitals’ efficiencies and effectiveness. To that end, the CSC will be heavily involved with performance improvement initiatives and will assist in directing and prioritizing a workplan with the goals of:  

  • Focusing on value beyond the price of products

  • Having a direct, measurable impact on KPIs that matter to Members

  • Expanding upon Member best practices to expand on successes

  • Evaluating innovative techniques, products, and technology to improve outcomes

  • Using clinical data to identify areas of excellence and improvement 

TPC and its GPO partner, Vizient, will serve as the centralized consulting resource pool for comparative analytics and development of strategies, delivering meaningful value in areas that the CSC identifies as targets of opportunity. 

With a strong network of Members, TPC offers healthcare facilities the ability to stay independent yet still collaborate with other hospitals to increase value and decrease costs. The creation of the CSC is just one more way in which TPC is preparing for the future of healthcare.  

TPC. Stronger Together. Superior Results. 

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