Clinician/Trustee/CEO Conference

The 2019 Clinician/Trustee/CEO Conference took place September 4-6, 2019, at the Four Seasons Resort Dallas in Irving, Texas. Since it first began almost 30 years ago, this annual conference has become the flagship event for Members.  

In case you missed it, are some highlights from this year’s esteemed event!  

What is the Clinician/Trustee/CEO Conference? 

The 2019 Clinician/Trustee/CEO Conference was hosted as a joint effort between TPC and Texas Care Alliance (TCA) under the theme “Leaning into Disruption.” During this first-rate event, senior-level executives, board trustees, and clinical leaders from TPC and TCA Member organizations came together to network, share best practices, and learn from nationally-recognized healthcare experts about today’s challenging industry landscape. Members were encouraged to lean into the disruption and discover opportunities to help their hospitals be positioned for success. This powerful collaboration between TPC and TCA created a high-caliber conference for participants, delivering content that was insightful, thought-provoking, and inspirational. 

Nationally-Recognized Healthcare Experts Address the State of the Industry 

For those concerned with ongoing changes in the industry, Nicholas Webb delivered a speech entitled, “The Disruptive Future of Healthcare – The Good News!” The futurist and author took a look at the big picture, discussing the major drivers of disruption. He inspired the attendees to lead their organizations by seeking out the opportunities present in disruption and to focus on their customer experience strategy and innovation infrastructure. 

Marty Makary, MD, talked about “The Grassroots Movement to Re-Design Healthcare: Cutting Through the Money Games and Restoring Medicine to Its Mission.” His speech focused on patient-centered, relationship-based care that puts physicians in the driver’s seat by removing middlemen. He also highlighted points from his new book, The Price We Pay – a timely, urgent critique of America's broken healthcare system and the change agents working to fix it. 

To help dissect the still evolving digital landscape in healthcare, Chris Gibbons, MD, delivered a speech on “The Future of Hospitals: Surviving and Thriving in the Digital Age.” As the Founder and CEO of a digital health research, innovation, and strategy consulting firm, Dr. Gibbons works with hospital CEOs to identify the real impact of digital change on the delivery of care, with insights based on evidence. In his speech, he dove more deeply into what digital healthcare will look like in the future and how hospitals can develop a transition plan to harness opportunity in the digital world. 

In his presentation, “Healthcare at a Cross Roads: Toward the 2020 Elections,” Robert Laszewski addressed what Members can expect in the world of healthcare as we head to the 2020 elections, with thoughts from both the Democratic and Republican viewpoints. Mr. Laszewski’s extensive experience in both Washington DC and within the health insurance industry has combined to give him a truly unique and informed perspective. 

Nate Kaufman spoke on “Positioning Your Organization to Be a Winner in the Post-Disruption Healthcare World.” With over 40 years of experience as a strategist, executive, and negotiator, Mr. Kaufman provided attendees with actionable information on how to remove the signals from the noise to create real change and value in healthcare. 

And Matt Traub ended the conference by addressing “Hospitality-Inspired Healthcare.” As an expert in premier hospitality and customer experience, Mr. Traub helps companies become the preeminent service culture leaders in their respected industries. He emphasized the need to go beyond the transaction and the relationship, and instead seek to build an emotional connection with patients and colleagues. 

Networking Opportunities Abounded 

Not only to be focused on the education, the event also offered a multitude of networking opportunities in which attendees could connect with peers from other Member organizations to discuss common challenges and how we might work together to move past industry adversity. 

As a partnership of community-based hospitals that work together as a single system, TPC provides Members with a network in which they can build valuable relationships. Through events like the 2019 Clinician/Trustee/CEO Conference, TPC seeks to drive collaboration and innovation across a range of clinical, operational, and economic areas – to ultimately do more together than can be done alone. To find out more about TPC, visit