TPC Services

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TPC Supply Chain Operations embodies a Member-led, collaborative approach to identifying, evaluating, and contracting for supply chain initiatives to develop programs that maximize the financial, operational and clinical value that Members receive from their supplier relationships. The process includes engagement from the Member C-suite, supply chain and clinical leaders and tracks metrics across cost, quality, and outcomes (CQO).  Our documented successes are a direct result of our balanced approach and the thoughtful deliberation of our Member leaders in initiative consensus building. 

Purchased Services accounts for roughly 40 percent of TPC Members’ total overall spend. It represents a potentially untapped source of savings across the Member organizations as these services are often overlooked because they fall outside the traditional supply chain responsibility. Through TPC’s comprehensive Purchased Services strategy, Member-led initiatives have achieved over $35 million in total value in a variety of targeted areas. 

Within TPC's Revenue Cycle services, TPC Members identify and evaluate savings opportunities together as a system to attain the best solutions, value, and partnerships. Vetting vendors as a group eliminates the need for each Member to work individually, ultimately saving overall time and effort.  In addition, Member collaboration has proved to be a valuable opportunity to determine best practices and evaluate long-term performance.