A Joint-Effort for Improving Healthcare Foodservice

The healthcare industry is no stranger to disruption or escalating costs, and in fact, many operators within the sector have grown accustomed to these challenges. But that is not to say that these organizations aren’t actively searching for ways to cut expenses and provide better experiences. And one way to do this -- rethink healthcare foodservice. 

Increased competition and a demand for better food at lower cost is forcing healthcare foodservice operators to innovate new solutions to satisfy customers. At TPC, our mission is to provide the framework for independent, community-based hospitals to achieve system value through standardization, utilization and enhancement strategies. Together with nine of our independently-owned Member healthcare organizations, we’ve come together to develop a plan to reduce costs and increase revenue within the foodservice arena. So far, our Foodservice Program has proved to be a resounding success that is significantly benefiting participating Members.

The Foodservice Program has been a six-year joint-effort whereby we have collaborated with Members in a value analysis team that also includes Support Services and Food & Nutrition Directors, representing more than $15 million in annual expenditures. We evaluated leading practices and designed new strategies to improve the quality of both food and services while cutting expenses to save Members money and increase revenue. This year, the taskforce defined new partners in a continuing mission to meet the complete foodservice needs of TPC Members in an ever-evolving market.

An elevated level of Member participation has been essential to achieving success. Just this year, Members have realized $1.5 million in cost savings while driving value in other areas, such as improved contractual terms and conditions, enhanced operational efficiencies, and greater auditing capabilities. Rick Carpenter, Vice President of Facilities Management at United Regional Health Care System and Chairman of TPC Foodservice Value Analysis Team, sums it up best, saying, “TPC’s Foodservice Program has a significant history of success. Based on the Members’ commitment, not only have we realized exceptional financial value through economies of scale, but we’ve also had the opportunity to work together in areas such as utilization to help further reduce our individual and collective cost, and improve our overall performance.”

There are constant challenges looming over the healthcare industry that include mergers and acquisitions, uncertainties with respect to the Affordable Care Act, surging healthcare costs, workforce shortages and increases in the minimum wage, just to name a few.  Through smart, collective engagement, TPC and its Members can devise solutions to these and other obstacles, just as we have in foodservice. Stronger together! Superior results! 

Learn more about TPC and how your organization can benefit from TPC’s Foodservice and other Member-driven programs by contacting us at 469.366.2100 or visiting www.TPC1.com.