Hill Country Memorial Joins TPC Membership

PLANO, Texas (September 11, 2019) – Hill Country Memorial, the primary healthcare provider serving the community of Fredericksburg, Texas, and surrounding counties, has joined TPC, a membership network of eleven health systems in Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri and Texas. TPC will serve as Hill Country Memorial’s strategic partner to engage with like-minded health systems that collaborate to improve quality and performance, lower costs and enhance value within the supply chain, revenue cycle, purchased services and insurance categories.

TPC provides a platform that enables community-based hospitals, like Hill Country Memorial, to optimize operational, financial, and clinical performance. Member organizations work together in a committed way to drive system value on targeted initiatives. TPC fosters a culture in which Members fortify their positions in their respective communities, improve the quality of care delivered, and navigate the pressures that exist in today’s healthcare market. 

“Hill Country Memorial is committed to the patients and communities we serve,” said Jayne Pope, Hill Country Memorial Chief Executive Officer. “We are impressed with what TPC Members have been able to achieve and we are excited about the opportunities that exist by collaborating with health systems that are similar to us. With TPC, there is a collective strength that enables us to enhance the value we provide.”

“Hill Country Memorial is an organization that recognizes the benefit of hospitals working together as a system,” said Chris Glenney, TPC Board Chairman. “We are excited to welcome them to TPC and to gain the knowledge base they will bring to our initiatives and programs.”

 About Hill Country Memorial

Hill Country Memorial is a health care organization in the heart of the Texas Hill Country that has gained a reputation for delivering remarkable care.  A consistent nationally ranked IBM Watson 100 Top Hospital, Hill Country Memorial is recognized for its quality by both leading medical professionals and patients beyond Fredericksburg. Hill Country Memorial was founded in Fredericksburg, Texas in 1971.  Today, the organization serves the communities of a 13-county region and includes a hospital, wellness center, medical offices, immediate care clinics and a host of other specialties and employs more than 650 people who share HCM’s vision to Empower Others. Create Healthy. Learn more about Hill Country Memorial at www.hillcountrymemorial.org.

About TPC

Based in Plano, Texas, TPC is a network of healthcare providers that work together as a single system to aggregate business volume and leverage economies of scale without sacrificing individual independence or local ownership. By working through a committed platform, TPC drives collaboration and innovation across a range of clinical, operational and economic areas enabling providers to maximize the financial and non-financial value they receive. TPC represents eleven health systems in four states, totaling $1 billion in purchasing volume, and has achieved over $300 million in documented savings since 2010. TPC exists for the sole purpose of helping community-based healthcare organizations remain strong and independent.  For more information, visit www.tpc1.com, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.